Joker Fan Art Illustration – Digital Painting

Some new Joker fan art I created recently showing Joker taking aim at Batman in an illustration that was originally sketched out in pencil and then painted and inked on computer.

Joker illustration fan art cartoon style drawing sitting back with his feet up while using Batman's image as a dartboard - digital colors
Digital colors of Joker inked and painted in Photoshop with Cintique tablet.

One of the most infamous and iconic of all the comic book villains and the archenemy of Batman, the Joker is the clown prince of Gotham City, a criminal mastermind and the bringer of chaos and madness.

These were some of the characteristics I tried to incorporate into my design as well as showing his crazy obsession with Batman while almost having a likable charisma.

Joker Fan Art – from Sketch to Digital

Above is the final version of my Joker fan art illustration, colours were added in Photoshop and drawn on a Wacom Cintique 13HD. It took a little longer than I thought it would but I’m happy with the result.
Below are the initial pencil sketches, starting off with a rough sketch. It was then cleaned up in before scanning and colouring.

Joker fan art sketch created with pencil on paper showing him sitting back with his feet up while using Batman's image as a dartboard.
Pencil sketch of Joker

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